Satellite & Space Projects News - January 2017.

Author:Worthy, John

LeoSat and Globalsat sign Strategic Agreement. LeoSat Enterprises, which is launching a constellation of up to 108 low-earth-orbit communications satellites, has signed a strategic worldwide agreement with Globalsat Group to market the fastest, most secure and widest coverage HTS data network in the world. LeoSat will provide Globalsat's LEO Network with access to infrastructure and Globalsat Group, the leading Pan-American satellite services provider, will provide LeoSat with access to the Americas market.

EU's new space strategy rejects space exploration. Under its new Space Strategy for Europe, the EU has said it will only get involved in space exploration if there are clear benefits to citizens. A spokesman for the European Commission has stated that it wants "to maximise the benefits of space for society and for the EU economy".

Britain endorses investment in European Space Agency. The UK has endorsed its investment in ESA and has rejected a proposal to divide its space budget more evenly between the ESA and a national programme. The UK government also reaffirmed that Brexit will have no impact on the UK's role in ESA and confirmed its increased export credit support for industry.

UK space sector continues to grow. The UK Space Agency's latest report of the UK space industry shows that the sector is now worth [pounds sterling]13.7 billion to the UK economy, with many responding firms expecting income growth over the next few years. Produced every two years, the survey reports that the space industry is estimated to employ 38,500 people and supports more than [pounds sterling]250 billion of output across the economy with telecommunications, navigation, earth observation and meteorology services.

Glasgow Prestwick Spaceport signs deal with Houston Spaceport. Prestwick will benefit from NASA know-how, helping to strengthen its case to become the UK's first spaceport. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will enable the parties to share policies, processes and other information relating to space travel licensing and operations. Prestwick hopes to begin flights in 2020 and would initially be a launch site for satellites for the communications industry.

UK allocates [euro]1.4 billion to ESA programmes. The UK's investment at the ESA Council of Ministers in Lucerne, Switzerland, includes [euro]82.4 million for the ExoMars programme, [euro]670.5 million for the development of satellite technologies and services and [euro]376.4 million for mandatory science...

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